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Our experience started in 1958 with a garbage business with a 1936 Dodge 5 Ton, then as a trucking fleet owner, an owner operator, an agent of a licensed broker, and finally, as a licensed property broker. Since 1981, we have experienced in excess of 150,000 shipments between the shipper (buyers) and motor carrier (sellers). We learned a lot of hard and costly lessons about brokering over the years. Today, we have multiple customers that have been with us for many years, one company in particular has been with us for 33 years. Truckalocity (MC# 360363) is an international network of Master Broker®s trained at LoadTraining, our freight broker training school, by experts, to achieve superior transportation purchasing results for shippers. Master Broker®s are trained to the highest transportation market 3rd party logistics capability. Few shippers understand that most brokers are trucking companies whose market goal is to get as much money from shippers as possible. Master Broker®s learn to interact in the marketplace with authorized and insured backhaulers. Their pricing is, on average, 60% less than the outhaul freight rates shippers are currently “enjoying.”

Ask a Master Broker® to provide you with a quote on a freight movement and see the price difference immediately. Most brokers act like dispatchers offering an arms-length business transaction. Master Broker®s understand that their service to shippers is a personal service, like a travel agent providing true market freight rates. Freight rates are governed by supply and demand, and your company deserves the benefit of actual market rates. Master Broker®s collaborate with you, the traffic or purchasing manager, to help achieve superior performance in your job of purchasing the BEST TRANSPORTATION FOR THE LEAST COST. Backhaulers discount their return rate to get back quickly to their higher paying freight at their home base. Master Broker®s services protect your company from the liability of a negligent hire. Google, Puckrein v. ATI Transport, where a shipper was found liable in a wrongful death in a car/truck broker accident. Truckalocity works diligently to avoid motor carrier liability in their brokering conduct in the course of transportation. Best of all, Master Broker®s will mediate any cargo claim for loss. Our Master Broker® training includes Voluntary Claims Resolution training and will resolve 95% of the 5% that has freight claim potential. Our professional agents will track your cargo from origin to destination. You are granted complete control over the process of delivery. Your freight is tracked every step of the way. We provide a high standard of shipping, regardless of its volume.

Our Advantages

If you want a customized solution, we deliver global coverage, managed costs, and reliable project continuity. When choosing our company, you choose a long-lasting partner that will help you with the success of your business.

David G Dwinell

Owner/Retired Staff

Ruth Angulo

CEO and President Associate Professor Agent Representative Telephone:
+1 800 221 7730


  • Moderate prices

    You won’t find better prices anywhere on the market.

  • Innovative technologies

    Up-to-date logistics software grants 100% transparency.

  • Corporate discounts

    We provide flexible loyalty programs for large companies.

Our Goals

To provide a customized solution. We deliver global coverage, managed costs, and reliable project continuity. When choosing our company, you choose a long-lasting partner that will help you in the success of your business.

  • Professional team
  • Moderate prices
  • Innovative technologies
  • Corporate discounts


Your service is often a source of inspiration. It simplifies our lives and makes usually complicated processes easy

Mark Johnson

Your service has really cut my working time by 80%. It gives me goosebumps thinking about all that extra time I have.

Eva Savits

Your company understands today’s requirements, but that’s not what makes you stand apart. You also understand today’s business world and how to keep customers happy. That is why you win.

Bradley Grosh