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We follow transparency methods which allow our clients to rely on our service and provide safe and secure transportation.

Our services

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Transportation Planning

Transportation Planning develops long-term plans and policies to guide all modes of transportation.

Transit System

This branch provides customer focused, safe, reliable and affordable public transportation services that link people.

Road & Construction

This branch manages contracts, controls capital budget for client Department projects, and determines project delivery method options.


It ensures that thousands of pedestrians, motorists and cyclists can move safely and efficiently in the city.

Design & Construction

This branch manages contracts for design and construction, identifies and evaluates project delivery strategies.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services Department is home to a multitude of disciplines - providing insights and expertise on a daily basis to Trans.


Providing innovative and effective responses throughout the supply chain

Corporate procurement & supply services

Corporate Procurement & Supply Services Department is responsible for the centralized supply chain that is the basis of Trans logistics system. Annually, the Department manages more than 1 million of orders on delivering goods of all kinds to different locations worldwide. We also support cooperation of the Department with numerous buyers who need urgent delivery of their products.

Customer Information Services

Customer Information Services Department provides information on different aspects of customers' goods delivery using numerous communication channels. Among our clients are international companies that require a special approach to giving information. That is why our company also develops software for our customers to monitor their cargo transportation.


Warehousing and storage

All of our storage facilities are equipped with climate control and are certified for food storage. We offer both short-term and long-term storage options, and guarantee the best conditions for your wares. This is combined with our wide range of flexible solutions.

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Shipment options

We provide top-notch transportation of any volumes of cargo to just any place in the world. We offer shipment by land, air or ocean, including hazardous freight, shipments that require special conditions, and fine art shipping and handling.

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Powerful network of transport partners

To facilitate and make cheaper for you the delivery of your cargo, we have partnered with the largest logistics companies all over the world. Our network includes 230 companies in 196 countries, which means you can send your shipments worldwide. Moreover, we arrange customs clearance for inbound cargo coming into the country.

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